Our Programs

It's all about community. We are always looking to grow our efforts within our spheres of good and to add new ones. Let's work together to provide health and hygiene to those who need it!


COmmunity Dinner

A good meal goes a long way, but that's only half the story. Our community dinners are a volunteer favorite that encompass the best of "giving back" while still creating an experience where you can walk away with a new perspective.  Read More → 


Community cuts

If you don't look different than anyone else, you won't be treated differently. Community Cuts aims to restore dignity by offering those in need the option to resemble themselves. Read More →


The Arm-y

From workshops to code blue our volunteer ARMy does so much more than just make a difference inside ARM. We couldn't be more proud to support extra worthy causes in our community. Read More


We've been at this for some time...