Mobile Assistance Unit

ARM’s first installment in our mobile fleet

How do we make support more available?

We make it mobile! The Mobile Assistance Unit (MAU) will be launching in 2020 and will combine support, storage, and consultation space with a mobile platform. This means that at our Community Dinners, Community Cuts, and any other event ARM is at, the MAU will be with us; increasing the capacity we have to care for and empower our guests and neighbors.

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Community Fairs.png

The MAU will also usher in our newest kind of program, Community Fairs. The idea is simple.. let’s continue to bring care and dignity right to the footstep of those who need it. The best way to do that is to take it literally! ARM has already identified a location where people love to gather, where the sense of community is deep, and where a couple care packs, a friendly face, and some new socks could go a long way. These Community Fairs will also allow us the opportunity to work smarter, not harder. We all know that moving up in life requires addressing a host of issues, and ARM isn’t the perfect fit for every one, which is why our partnered organizations will all be out there with us, making sure we can marshal the full support of our public sector for those who could use it most.