Community Dinner

Local Restaurants feeding and supporting those who could use a meal.


Community dinners were ARM's first service program, and as such they have a special place in our hearts. One day, four years ago, our team decided that we had to give back in a more meaningful way.

A multitude of great people and small businesses in our city wanted to give back; so we knew that there was potential. For our first community dinner the ever-generous Hidden Grounds offered up their first location (there are now four) to host a family-style dinner with local guests. With a location in hand, it was time to start looking for food and friends!

For our first Community Dinner delicious homemade food was served alongside some of the best local fares from Destination Dogs and Diesel and Duke. Since then, we have had delicious contributions from Brother Jimmy’s, Evelyns, Harvest Moon, Stage Left, Catherine Lombardis, Blackthorne Pub, and more!!

Guests and volunteers alike have the opportunity to break down barriers and enjoy a world class meal, together, while they get to know each other. Those who need it leave with clothing donations, new socks from Bombas, and hygiene/care packs. With seven community dinners under our belt, you could say we're experts!