the army

From workshops to code blue our volunteer ARMy does so much more than just make a difference inside ARM.


ARM has experienced so much success as a result of assistance and love from our community, so as soon as we were able, we knew it was equally important to get involved in more than just our events. Our ARMy is deployed to assist a number of highly worthy events, particularly in the winter. It’s never easy or acceptable to experience homelessness, however in the winter time shelter becomes MORE essential, MORE in demand, and MORE critical. As such, ARM teams up with the City of New Brunswick and Catholic charities to assist their emergency housing initiatives throughout the winter.

ARM is lucky to enjoy a network of folks who love their community so much that they are willing to give not only money, but their time, to make it a better place. Some of these individuals are seasoned volunteer veterans while others are relatively new at giving back. What makes them all so special to us is not a level or range of volunteer experiences, but a willingness to sacrifice on behalf of others.